Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Aerial Hoop with Emily Ford (Contours Pole)

(Pic stolen from her FB)

“Emily has been training and teaching pole for 8 years, Aerial Hoop for the last 2 and comes from a background of over 20 years of Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Ballet and Musical Theatre training, Emily found her love of Pole Dance and Fitness at the prestigious Bobbi's Pole Studio in Perth, Western Australia whilst teaching alongside 3x world champion Felix Cane. She has been expertly trained as a confident performer and a diligent dance and aerial teacher of all levels from beginner to advanced.”

Prior to recently (May 2018) I had only tried aerial hoop once about a year ago with Pole Fit London. I loved it right from that moment on, however my main focus is and has always been pole dance and as I didn’t have enough coin for both I left it at that one class, until late May this year.

I’ve known Emily and have had the pleasure of trying some of her classes for a while, but only recently have I tried aerial hoop with her, what can I say? Why on earth have I waited this long to try it?! I started going to her hoop classes at the same time I returned to pole dance classes after a very LOOONG break from it (which if you want an advice, don’t ever take long breaks from pole or even hoop, you’ll lose all the strength you worked so hard for), my strength was then at level -15, I am not even going to talk about my flexibility, so I was in for some “fun” self-torture time (I might be exaggerating).

Emily always starts with a vigorous stretch to get you nice and warm (and avoid injuries), moving on to some conditioning exercises, and then move on to trying to put a small routine together, normally this would be the point where you’d lose me, but Emily goes through every student, and if like me you’re struggling with something in particular she’ll find that and correct it for you, if need be adapt the routine with something that will work for you.

I attend the mixed level classes, which depending on the studio/instructor might be challenging for me personally, however this cannot be said about Emily’s classes, she is not only a great dancer but also a great teacher, furthermore she knows when she can push your limits a little further and when she needs to go easy on you. In only a few classes I can see and feel how much I have managed to progress, I have a lot more strength, flexibility and a lot more self confidence, and this is greatly because of her amazing work.

Contours Pole (owned by Emily) is also one of the best priced pole and hoop schools, which let's face it, in London the classes can be pretty expensive! However Emily always makes an effort to deliver very fairly priced classes and workshops (remember my review on Josh Taylor's workshop class review? it was via Contours Pole).

To conclude, I think it is pretty obvious how much I love Emily and her classes, also it is fair to mention that, Emily on top of being one of my aerial hoop teachers, she is also one of my pole dance teachers but I will write more about her pole dance classes some other time, until then I 100% recommend you to go over to Contours Pole by Emily Ford and try her wonderful classes, I can guarantee you that you’ll love it.

(still gotta work on that back flexibility)

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