Monday, 13 August 2018

Pole Junkie review

I was in need of a new pair of knee pads, and quite recently Creatures of XIX came out with a new design that seemed pretty sturdy, however when I tried to get it from their website it was out of stock, a fellow pole dancer advised me Pole Junkie had some in stock. I’ve heard of PJ before, but I never had the chance to purchase anything from them, so this was the perfect “excuse” to do so.
I checked their website, which is extremely easy to browse, put the item I wanted in the cart, and ended up adding an extra item that wasn’t really planned but seemed like a good option, platform protectors by X-otic Sox, it will help you keep your pretty platforms in good shape for longer, which in the long term saves you some coin.

The package arrived rather quickly, I bought it on a Friday and I received it the following Monday or Tuesday, well packed, each item was inside a smaller plastic pouch, and everything on the inside was in perfect condition, they also added some PJ flyers in

I got the knee pads in size M, as I wasn't too sure how they would fit, I think a size S would have been better, however the size can be adjusted on these so I didn't bother getting them replaced. The knee pads are extremely well made and so far these are the best knee pads I've had, the padding is rather thick, yet it does not look very big, it is rather discreet, and my knees don't bruise as much since I got these.
I paid £24 for the knee pads, cheaper than most pole brands and offers a greater protection.

The platform protectors are very pretty and well made, the fabric is reversible so you can either have it on the cobra pattern or simply black, they recently launched a new lace pattern, I am sad I didn't wait a little bit longer to buy mine :D
I paid £15 for the platform protectors, I find it a little pricey for simple platform protectors, it does look cute but you can also easily make these yourself if you fancy a bit of DIY.

Overall I am very satisfied with Pole Junkie, their services are very easy to use and you will receive your parcel a few days later. I am looking forward to see what PJ will be bringing next into their stock.

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