Monday, 20 August 2018

Yayb Protein - Liquid chalk review

Whether you're new or experienced in the pole dancing world, you know that grip can be a big "enemy".

I've tried a few different grip aid sort products from pole supply  shops, however I always found these products extremely expensive and you don't get that much product for the price really. I was therefore on a personal quest (I might be exaggerating)  to find a good and yet affordable grip aid, and that led me to find Yayb Protein, I originally found them on Ebay, but they also have a website of their own where they always have some good deals.

You get 300ML for about £8 (prices vary as they often offer sales), it will offer you a non sticky feel and it dries really quickly leaving your hands smooth and ready to pole away. On top of offering you great grip, it will also save you some serious coin and last you for ages.

How about you, what grip aids have you used?

Yayb protein liquid chalk - direct link their chalk products are also entirely made in the UK!

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