Thursday, 6 September 2018

Demonia sprite 09 shoes review

I remember buying my first pair of Demonia shoes (sprite 01) when I was 14, and it became a part of me, I was so proud of my shoes I wore them nearly every day and the brand quickly became my favourite, however if you've had experience with Demonia shoes yourself (or have read some of the online reviews) you already know it can be a bit of a hit-or-miss when it comes to the shoe quality and durability, some of them when well cared for, lasted for years (like my first pair), and some...well not quite so.

These days we are lucky to be able to find reviews online about pretty much anything, however when I first came into the Demonia sprite 09 I did not find any relevant reviews, at the time they were over £60 and I didn't feel like spending so much money on a pair of shoes at the time so I left them on my Amazon shopping list, a few months later I got an alert from Amazon saying these were on sale for only £29 and shipping fees included, I didn't even think twice, I just bought them and one or two days later I received a parcel.

I wear a size 4 UK (37 EU) and normally all the Demonia shoes fit right for me, not the case with these ones, they were much larger for a size 4, I mean I would say they would fit a 5,5 I thought that by adding my orthopedic insoles it wouldn't be such a big difference, but the shoes were still pretty large, and not only that but only within trying to use them for the 3rd time they broke, and to make my disappointment even bigger, when I tried to contact the seller and I got no response, I left a negative review on their Amazon page, that got ignored too, so £29 straight to the bin, pretty frustrating I have to admit.

All in all, yes these shoes are absolutely gorgeous, however they aren't worth the £29 sale price, let alone £60, Demonia should correct the size issue, as well as making the shoe in itself sturdier so that it lasts a bit more than 3 failed attempts to wear, but as Demonia will most likely never read this, or even if by some miracle it does reach to them, it will simply be ignored, therefore my advice is to avoid this particular pair of shoes, but hey Demonia has so many more models that you can choose from, and some of them last for much longer.